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                    When you select an Econman's equipment and services, you will not be allergic to "
                    If you are performing mud water balancing or earth pressure balance shield machine operation, the Yingott can not only provide products, but also can assist your efforts to partners throughout the project. In the past ten years, Yingott specially focused on the production and use of shield air automatic compressive systems and lanket products to ensure the reliability of the excavator, and have been obtained in hundreds of tunnels in China. verification. Today, more and more construction units will tell you: The Olympics will be a good choice.

                    We not only provide products, we also provide support for your project:
                    Shield air automatic pressure storage system spare parts supply
                    Shield Machine Humang Accessories Supply
                    Shield machine foam system Electric regulating valve
                    Air automatic pressure storage system inspection service
                    Human warehouse stability testing and machine repair
                    Slurry valve inspection repair
                    Inspection and repair of the foam system electric regulator valve
                    Industry solutions
                    Bentonite system solution
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                    be applied to Tunneling Industry Industry products
                    Shield machine air automatic pressure maintaining system products
                    Valve for shield machine fluid
                    Maintenance service for fluid valve of shield machine
                    Shield machine warehouse products
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